Writing a great faith-based screenplay Presented by Mitch Emoff

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Date:  June 5, 2020
Time:  10:00a EST



We will specifically go through the classic story telling structure, the Hero’s Journey, used by successful filmmakers for many years. The twist of this seminar is how to incorporate elements of sin, redemption, and resurrection etc. to make your script entertaining and faith-filled at the same time. We will break down actual examples from ‘Pete Simon – Agent of God’, the 2018 Best Overall Script at ICFF, to highlight how critical spiritual moments coincide with the Hero’s Journey in a three-act full length screenplay.

Completed UCLA Film School Professional Writing Program in 2012. I’ve won honors for 8 different screenplays, all comedies with a message. In 2016, a full-length feature script I converted into a short film won the Audience Choice award at ICFF. It’s now in distribution with Bridgestone Multimedia Group.  In 2018, I was honored with Best Overall Script at ICFF from 50 selected.

Live in Nashville, TN. Married with three children. Advertising exec for over 30 years

1 review for Writing a great faith-based screenplay Presented by Mitch Emoff

  1. Daniela Marzahl (verified owner)

    Mitch Emoff and “Writing a great faith based screenplay“ was a blessing. It gave practical applications and solid examples of what my book assigned by Almighty G-D needed to look like. His sense of humor and personal examples made it real to me how “ My faith”, can turn my book into a real “Great faith” based screenplay with the right steps.Thank you for doing this class so the right knowledge gives me “wisdom”to finish my journey of faith that will one day inspire others. Shalom Sister Daniela Marzahl🙏🎬

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