How to become a successful actor – Beginner’s guide Presented by Jean Selig Wenger


DATE:  JUNE 6, 2020
TIME:  10:00AM EST



Former Florida talent agent & well respected for her work in the Faith Based film industry,  Jean Selig Wenger (Owner/Agent of Treasure Coast Talent), recently relocated with her family to southern California and is now a licensed & bonded CA Talent Agent. Jean is looking forward to establishing herself and Treasure Coast Talent LLC (the TCT Team) in the LA TV/FILM market, while continuing to serve the Faith Based film community nationwide. TCT’s strength as an agency is with relationships. We value integrity, principle, and teamwork. We choose to maintain a small client roster & our actors are dedicated to the art of storytelling.  Jean also loves training & encouraging new actors who are filled with enthusiasm & questions about the film industry. She looks forward to offering some practical info & advice to newer actors during her LIVE .
HOW to get started as an actor in the film industry (including Faith Based films)
WHAT should actors know about headshots, resumes, & demo reels?
WHY is it important to define your acting “boundaries” before you begin submitting for & auditioning for projects?
WHERE & HOW do actors to find legit casting calls 
Do’s/Don’ts for great auditions & on set expectations (once you book a role)
WHY networking is so important (including the right & wrong ways to network)
WHEN to seek representation, and more…following by a time for questions & answers!


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